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You are so right.

It's has gotten very bad since the 60's when I was in the California government schools, and even then the standards were already plummeting (when I left high school I felt like I didn't know anything). Back then if a teacher had brought up inflation, all the students in my circle would have been intrigued, and there would have been a lively conversation because the students would not only have been interested, but were capable of comprehending.

I think the foundation for our ability to understand was the heavy rote learning we had from 1st to 6th grade. We had a platform of knowledge to stand on and build from that the kids today don't have.

When I started home schooling mine, I had to create my "curriculum" from scratch. There was nothing out there except Calvert, but I didn't care for it (I used to see the little ads for it in the back of the National Geographic when I was in grade school, and longed to be able to have that at home!). Nowadays there is no excuse for enrolling kids in the state run baby sitting places because there is so much free education on the internet, internet schools, DVD curriculum, support groups, and thousands of out-of-copyright books are free if you think buying them is too expensive. There are curriculum and book fairs! I know of a formal logic course on DVD for teenagers that is about to hit the market, too.

Research has been done that shows that even parents who haven't graduated from high school can, if they really want to, turn out kids who test very high.

Forget about whether state schools should be gun-free; state schools ought to be child-free.