Comment: China is taking over Africa...

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China is taking over Africa...

ok I come from Africa and lets get the facts straight, China are doing exactly what the British did and they are sending in Chinese prisoners to work on projects in Africa. The big difference is they not using force, but money and they don't care about the human rights of the poeple thats why these governments love them so much because they ask no questions.

The Chinese do not use the locals, they ship their own poeple in and ship in food and cheap goods. The locals have no choice to accept this because their governments are paid off. The Chinese build roads and railways leading to the ports linking to mines, oil fields etc etc and they are armed. They use only chinese poeple on these projects.

China gets a free ride because there is no Chinese civil rights groups banging the human rights drum as in the west.

Notice how the useful idiots are easily rounded up to demonstrate any Bush like policies yet when Obama is running around killing kids at weddings with drones its ok. I often get English guys rip Bush, then I ask them who they voted for in the 2005 UK elections, and they would say Tony Blair (running the socialist Labour party), then I would remind them that 2005 was 2 years after the invasion of Iraq and no WDMS were found and that was before 2005... silence hahaha.

So yes China is taking over Africa, now do I agree that the West should start wars, the answer is NO (I used to be a NEO CON, and loved Bush now a proud ron Pauler), but to come make out as if the West are the bigger evil doers is rubbish. At least the West use the locals for labour and look after the poeple better... and no this does not justify their actions, but don't make out as if the Chinese are the lesser of 2 evils here.