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I read you post on PAF's thread and I can't reply.. there is no reply icon. I don't vote up my own threads, and I don't know who voted it up, but it wasn't me.

The GOP is backing Rubio.. $30 million they gave him. Karl Rove created a Victory PAC to eliminate us. Rand has the most power as a Senator, he has MSM attention, the GOP is LISTENING (that is HUGE!), and I'm not going to support Rubio over Rand.

If that makes me a Neocon.. shame.

I am LEARNING FROM RAND.. years ago I would have thought the same as you, but what I learned from Ron Paul is no matter how many grassroots, no matter how many people adore you, and how many stadiums you fill, if the party you are in (and only two are going to win the POTUS.. Nader made sure with his ballot access and open debates.. it backfired.. the ptb used Nader runs to shut us down and out) I'm in the GOP.. I'm happy to take Amash brouchures to the convention.. I'm happy to share.. but I'm being honest.. Rand has a real shot and why would I blow that because he's having to compromise, make hard choices to win some and lose some. Sanctions are an act of war.. way better than a nuclear war of pre-emptive attacks IMO.. he's ALONE.. There are no other senators fighting to change the GOP, most want money like Rubio to do whatever... and they are compromising with him. I think he deserves credit for what he does.

The neocons want their way, have the power backing them and this is why it's such a hard fight. This is no cake walk.

I think what would be wrong, is if I chimmed in with everyone and then at the last minute pulled a fast one. Instead I am telling you the changes I am seeing in the GOP, and if you were facing these people, were elected, representing people.. maybe you would throw it all away, but I am well known and well liked in my community, and I won't trick those who elected me or YOU.

I'm sorry to have to move to this thread to tell you.. I don't know why I can not post on that thread, and I did not give myself an up vote.