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GGGgggrrang! Puuleeez.

We are jes chillin' over here on jdr's wonderful jammin' thread. Please keep the politics over there on those other threads. JK (jes kiddin'). But really, we do not want to clog up this fantastic place with our neo-con debate. How dry it is. This is weird that you cannot post on the other thread. I up-voted you though. How did you find me here? You will, btw, find that I am a far more easy going person when I am on jdr's jamming thread though. I actually love Rand when I am here. Perhaps you could convince me to vote for him over here. I have neo-conic tendencies here, as well. I love peace even more here though so talking about neo-connistic preemptive wars and Rubio here will get you nothing but a blank stare. I am just sad that Mr. Rove is trying to eliminate y'all. Btw, who upvoted your post on this, jdr's jammin' thread?!?!? I did not do it as of yet. Mystery!? Hey, why not just entertain us all with one of those fantastic music videos that you pull out of your hat. I love that one with the school kids exiting their highrise doing kewl formations with the camera on the roof. It is a neat song and great video. That was a great video with the duck too.

Okay then, since I am on jdr's jammin' thread I will now give you a big up-vote.

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