Comment: Dude... you bought a Dell...

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Dude... you bought a Dell...

Its hardly Microsoft's fault that...

  1. You (probably) bought hardware that's the bare minimum windows 7 allows you to run with.
  2. Dell took the liberty of adding all sorts of special Dell crapware with your OS before they gave it to you.

With respect to your font issue... 1. I don't see why anyone would ever really care about fonts AT ALL; unless you're a graphic artist or something who the heck cares? But since you 'need' it, allow me to google it for you:

Your printer/scanner manufacturer didn't provide new drivers for a new operating system 5 years after you bought your printer?
You're going to complain about that?! REALLY?!
XP came out in 2001. Here's some homework:
Go buy a mac printer that was manufactured to work with whatever the mac OS version was kicking around in 2001, try and use it with a modern mac. When you're done being upset about how you can't print. Sit down and think about how silly you were.

Microsoft sucking has nothing to do with "why the printer doesn't work" the printer doesn't work because the driver fairy doesn't exist!

People, in this case your printer manufacturer, don't support old hardware/software configurations indefinitely. That's a fact of life.

PS. I wrote all this from my macbook pro.
Its very good at opening ssh terminals, doing simple text editing, and accessing the internet like a boss.
It probably cost 10 to 15 times more than a chrome book that could do all the same things...
I would never in a million years buy a mac.