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That is the point.

"I just assumed you were what people called an anarchist, or in my words, a person who believes in no Governments."

If there is an anarchist that is defined by those words then one could fess up. Where is one that defines anarchism in that way?

Self contained stupidity?



Who says one thing and does another thing?

"I don't know what you are? I assume you're a human who subscribes to Libertarian beliefs, you could be an alien from jupiter sent to infiltrate my brain.... I don't really know lol."

Smiles are wonderful. Thanks.

"I don't understand what you're trying to say...."

Voluntary government is not only possible it worked as intended in many examples throughout history. I can explain in detail.

So it is demonstrably false to claim that all government is bad, as well as it is demonstrably false to claim that involuntary government is the only way to defend against crime.

In other words, Anti-Revolutionary-Forces include two ideas that may be infecting many brains, so try it out to see if it is in your brain first, and then asks someone else - for a suggestion, a voluntary government type thing to do, if you please.

1. No government can be voluntary
2. The only way to stop crime is to be a criminal

How did you do?

I've been called an anarchist and I've called myself an anarchist, but with the qualification that I get to define the meaning of anarchism, not someone else.