Comment: believe it or not, China is not a monolith

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believe it or not, China is not a monolith

It's a nation with the geographic size and resources of the USA. Cold in the north, warm in the south. From sea to shining sea (well, mountains on the west side, but still. Ocean on the south, the USA can't really claim that west of Texas)

Ok, so how does this apply to this question. Some areas of China have an excess of money, some with insufficient.

The areas near Outer Mongolia have far more money than they do "life". Not only is it a sausage fest, it is void of any life or culture whatsoever or downtown area. Just a bunch of mining going on and money.

Ok, so the miners can build themselves a nice house and they do but still that does not result in any life or culture in the area. Watching Netflix and playing PS3 eventually does get old.

How do you get life or culture?

Well they took a shot and built a new downtown area from scratch. Again they could afford it. Considering the high population of China and overcrowding in other cities, they were hoping that a million people would move in and make living in the desert desirable.

Well only about 30,000 or so ended up moving in but still that is 30,000 more than before.

What else is a hard working miner to do on the weekend?

Contrary to popular belief, not every dollar is taken by it's central gov and redistributed. Sure it's communist but are we really much different these days?

I would think of that more of a central intention more than anything else. End result right on the ground in every corner of the country is another thing entirely.