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This has nothing to do with what you posted

but I'm commenting on abortion anyway because I have been thinking about it a lot recently. I have decided that I am pro-choice, reluctantly, up until the gestational age of 21 weeks. This is the age of the earliest pre-term birth in which a fetus has survived. As science improves and the survival of pre-term birth fetuses improves to be younger and younger, I will alter my position accordingly.

I think a fetus is a person, but the rights of the mother should outweigh the rights of the fetus, at least until the moment the fetus can theoretically survive on its own. I hope the people who are vehemently pro-life, even from the moment of fertilization, continue their campaign of education that abortion is morally wrong, but I still think this should be the legal definition of when life begins, and hence when abortion/murder should be outlawed.

**Edit** I'm being downvoted, but what is a more fair solution? Fertilization? What if the blastocyst is blocked from implantation of the uterus? Does that count as murder?

Also, I'm strongly against killing a human being, whether it is a fetus or an adult. However, if a man tries to rape a woman, I support the right of the woman to kill that man, even though killing in my mind is worse than rape. This is probably a false equivalency to the abortion issue, but the line has to be drawn somewhere.

We call a "miscarriage" as a spontaneous abortion that occurs before a fetus can survive on it's own, why shouldn't we make the legal definition this as well?