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The Fool emerges from nowhere and goes nowhere. Note how Le Mat (begger or mad man) has taken the club (tarot has all 52 cards of a regular deck in cups/hearts, coins/diamonds, spades/swords, and clubs), and turned it into a place to store what is important to him, his purse. He holds a white rose, (secrecy). His white dog (everclear or whiskey, a drunk)is his best friend ushering him off the cliff. The red feather in his cap means virtue (he is doing what he is doing with all his heart), and the red wings that make his sleaves means, duty.. as in, it is his job to leap off the cliff. The icy mountains in the background can mean a cold day in hell, which bothers him not, for he is in broad daylight.. yet his clothing is adorned with gold morning glories, meaning.. when the talk is of silver, silence is golden.

Reading tarot is fun.. I would not think of you as Le Mat, but rather Mountebank , the #1 card,

There are 22 Major Arcana, which both Le Mat and Mountebank belong, the lesser arcana is the 52 in a regular deck.