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Thanks for the kind words, Deekey.

My "problem" is my apartment manager is on a control trip. She is the typical "passive/aggressive" personality that is "sweetness and light" until your back is turned. She had some minor complaints, including our cigar smoking on our patio; but, instead on handling it face to face or in a personal note, she choose to use the company lawyer to threaten us. That was one year ago. Since then, she and I had a run-in regarding using the corporate automated system to pay our rent; there was a foul-up involving the bank and the apartment corporate accounts regarding the method of transferring the payment. As a result of this problem, which was totally out of my control, she charged us a $100 late fee. She backed down, when I contacted the sheriff's department. However, we had multiple maintenance calls over a persistently backed-up commode in December and she used this as an excuse to accuse my wife of "harassing the office staff." The apartment manager told me about this "problem" when I paid January's rent. I assured her I would make all future maintenance calls, package pickups and rent payments. She assured me she was satisfied with this. However, a week later, I received a certified letter from the Attorney telling me if my wife or I entered the office, we would be charged with criminal trespass. Since none of the reasons for this action involved me, I spent over a week trying to find out if this order included me, as it was not clear from the letter and neither the manager nor her boss would tell me; they both said they did not know. I tben sent a certified letter to the Attorney for clarification, and he refused to sign for it. Meanwhile, I received another letter from the Attorney, this time telling me it did apply to me because my wife was "retaliating" after she "sent me to the office."

I contacted the Bar Association to charge the Attorney with misconduct, but was told the state supreme court would not allow the Bar Association (a PRIVATE organization, by the way) to discipline lawyers for libel or slander. So, I have initiated civil action against both the apartment manager and the attorney.

Unlike you, Deekey, it appears many at the DAILY PAUL strongly disapproved of my last response. I hope they read this one, because I think they are a bunch of numbskulls who deserve to have something like this happen to them. Then, maybe, they would not see the world in such simplistic "black and white" terms.

The reason rental laws are in place (not "rent control," which is totally unconstitutional and should have been abolished years ago) is because NEITHER landlords NOR tenants are perfect. Frequently, tenants refuse to pay rent because landlords refuse to make necessary (and promised) repairs, including insect and rat infestation, climate control and sewage problems. The proper method is not to withhold rent, but to notify public health authorities when failure to make necessary repairs endanger health. I have been blessed with never having to miss a rent payment, even with my Social Security or retirement checks have been late. I have no sympathy for deadbeats of any kind, but that also includes deadbeat landlords.