Comment: I agree with you analogy, that

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I agree with you analogy, that

we have been brainwashed into following the US corporate system, but with only an extremely small amount of people claiming sovereign citizenship, it only makes an easy target for the Corporation's athoritarian agencies. I used to love to watch the Youtubes of the great Bill Foust from the Republic of Arizona. But look what happened to him, murdered by a athoritarian local agent police officer for refusing to reliquish his 4th Amendment rights to an illegal pat down search in his own driveway. The legal system is way to rigged to play this game. I believe it's a good practice to expose the system, but it's also a good idea to learn how to 'play' the same system, much the same reason Dr Paul chose to stay in the GOP rather than becoming a Libertarian candidate. For example, if you ask Dr Paul if income tax is legal, he will say no, it's unconstitutional, but if you try to challenge this system, it will cost you even more money and more problems from the system. Good info to educate people on the corupt corporate system, anyway!