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This is where I identify with you. I want to out the truth, but if what I am beginning to believe is true is really true, it's friggin extreme. Too extreme for most people to believe from another person. This truth must be brought to the mainstream.

JFK's speech about a "monolithic ruthless conspiracy" right after Eisenhower's warning about the "military industrial complex" and America as been at war unconstitutionally ever since. Communism fails ending the cold war and ushering in an era of what was supposed to be world peace only to be hijacked (pun intended) by 9/11 and evolving preemptive wars of aggression against a vague act called "terrorism". Now it looks like the war on terror is coming home, and heading towards both of us. If you're a Christian, 2nd Amendment supporter, Anti-federalist, or veteran then you're considered a future threat to America according to our Government. We are the resistance, and I am your ally even if you won't be mine.

The Rand Paul criticism on this website makes me angry. Take a walk in Rand Paul's shoes before you question his principles or say he isn't apart of what we collectively call the 'movement'. I guarantee that a President Paul would end and prevent many many wars. I can also guarantee that Rand Paul has woken up more people than you and I combined and done more to advance the causes you and I both believe in than either of us. Rand Paul is your friend.

Rand Paul is waking up Republicans albeit not in an extreme way as you would prefer. You must understand that Rand's job is to represent Republicans in Kentucky and the State of Kentucky. Many Republicans in Kentucky are Neoconservatives, Rand Paul would be a hypocrite to full out oppose their views and tell the absolute truth. Another truth is, we need as many people learning about Libertarian philosophy as possible because you know hard times are coming. Rand Paul is bringing Libertarian Principles into the mainstream and THAT IS GOOD!!! Rand Paul is an ally, even if he doesn't represent your perfect picture of what a Libertarian should be. I am an ally even if I'm an unpure mudblood statist as you suggest.

I'm pissing you off.... Good! It's probably because I'm telling the TRUTH.

You have a choice as to which label I place on you. I'll work with you and will always listen to you, but I'm going to call you and anyone else saying Rand Paul doesn't belong in the movement a hipster. That's how I see it, no better than the rich kids sitting in starbucks demonizing capitalism using the twitter app on their iPhone. "It's okay for me, I like apple before it was cool. You liking apple just makes you an establishment conformist".

I use this example because liberty purists and hipsters have one thing in common, you think you're elite, you think you're better tan everyone else. You act like your little faction of Libertarian purists are somehow better and above the rest of the movement. This is divisive and doesn't accomplish a damn thing.

Peace and Love to you ProudAmericanFirst, may you find some love for all the "statists" working to advance the cause.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson