Comment: Greetings from Ireland. It's been a while

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Greetings from Ireland. It's been a while

since I posted on this site. I regularly, if not daily, come to this site for my news and information. But this is the first post since the campaign that I have felt compelled to reply on.

I am from Ireland and I absolutely admire what you are doing. In a way, I am almost jealous that you are in a position of impact, to be enable to influence the youth in that way. Education is such a critical component for the cause of liberty and you have been able to use your passion for freedom to enlighten those with whom you come into contact. I try my best to influence the people in my own life on a daily basis about the importance of liberty, freedom and equality of opportunity ( not equality). I do my best, but at 20 years old, most of my friends are not as impressionable as they were in school. They are at that stage where they are conditioned to the system and it ends up taking a very clever tactic in order to help to relate to the idea of freedom and influence them. So I commend you.

As for your question on the direction you wish to go, I must remind you that in Europe there are many people that have heard of Ron Paul or at least have been introduced to the message of liberty and the libertarianism ideals as a result of him. Even in Spain, they held a rally in which many Spanish Nationals came out in support of him. You are bound to find channels on Facebook which will enable you to teach Libertarian principles in Spanish. You clearly have a native grasp of English yourself, so you may be in a position to translate whichever texts you find essential or as a post said below, to translate your own subtitles onto libertarian videos.

I also second that other poster, in that I would be willing to drop my life here (as much as I LOVE it!!!) in exchange for being able to educate the youth and promote the cause of liberty.

Again, I commend you and I hope you are assisted in every way possible to help you in your journey to enlighten a generation (no matter how small that may be). You have re-energised my hope in people and my focus on spreading the cause in every way I can.

Thank you.

“Governments never learn. Only people learn.”
― Milton Friedman