Comment: Oh, SOOooo well said!!!!

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Oh, SOOooo well said!!!!

I and my family are living in the very hell you describe for believing and attempting to live as God intended.. As free people.My attempts to communicate with the corporate theives were ignored for 15 years only to culminate in a grand jury indictment, the confiscation of my 2nd amendment rights and passports; a probation officer, a trial forced without an attorney and unschedueled searches of my home. My dear patriot wife wrote reams of legal breifs proving our innocence. The pressure imposed by gov't was/is so intense, they denied her a life saving cancer procedure in Ecquador. She has succombed to breast cancer and now lies in a hospital bed in our living room on life support.I await my sentencing and the fate of my estate and 5 children.
Do you think we purposely laid it ALL on the line for liberty and freedom and to show our chidren the type of sacrifice necessary to live free?
You are damn right we did.

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.