Comment: I ain't a truther, but really

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I ain't a truther, but really

The education system has little meaning to real life.

For the average Joe, math is a useless subject.

You don't need to learn binary to run software, you use a computer. If you need to make a commonplace math computation you use a calculator.

The only math classes I enjoyed were Probability and Statistics (since it had real life practical applications I use to this day), and advanced Geometry (which dealt almost entirely with proofs and theorems).

Anthropology/history is a joke. One teacher is telling you that Egyptians could not have possibly sailed to the American continent, then next class a teacher is telling you that monkeys colonized South America by sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on makeshift rafts (true story - look it up).

Any philosophy without practical real-world application is useless. You may as well step in front of a bus for all the good it will do you. At least 90% of philosophy has no real-world application.
"I think, therefore I am" has got to be the most arrogant, ego-masturbatory statements ever uttered. Not to mention it's logically unsound in 5 different ways.

Your comment about science is wrong since most truthers I have conversed with support hard science and use it in their theories of different events. It's government whitewashes that usually ignore science (take the Kennedy assassination for one)

Almost 90% of Americans believe there was a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy.

That pretty much covers it.

Any other questions Blueshift?