Comment: Michael, I still don't have all of the information

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Michael, I still don't have all of the information

but trademark protection is something I'm firmly behind, as a fundamentalist libertarian. I am very much against copyrights and patents, but trademarks are inappropriately lumped in with them in many discussions.

Further, as others have pointed out, domain name registration generally goes through companies which have agreed to abide by ICANN rules. As such, I'm pretty sure that contesting for ownership of a domain which has your trademark (or NAME) falls well and clearly within the bounds of the rules that domain name registrars agreed to.

Daily Paul makes it clear that it is not representative of Ron Paul. does not, because it can't.

Like I said, though, I don't have all of the information, so I might be missing a detail or two, but so far from everything I've read, Ron Paul is right to contest the domain name registration.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.