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You want truth? Here's truth:

First off, I hope that you know that I was pulling your chain about the school stuff, I wanted to see if you would pounce back. I think it creates a thicker skin which is needed for the fight that we are in ;-)

Here's the thing. I am NOT an extremist, regardless of what you or mainstream believes. It is those who reject our Republic, those who promote fascism, and those who want to abolish Bill of Rights, who are the absolute and unAmerican extremists.

As for you thinking that I am an elitist, which I am not.. I am a 9 to 5 working guy who mows the lawn on weekends [plows snow this time of year], shops for food, work on my bike in my spare time, and for loads of fun I hit the wing bar for a dozen hots. When I can scrape up enough after bills, I hit the beach a few times during the summer to catch some rays. So there ya go. Nothing extreme about how I live my boring life.

I am in this fight for the following reason:

I pay too much in taxes. I like good roads, but the way they are made today bangs up my front end which I can't afford, and the roads require maintenance more than twice a year. That is waste.

The pacifist that I am, I tear up when I see in the news innocent people butchered up over seas. More waste, in human lives and my hard earned dough which I don't want contributed to make mic even more filthy rich.

And then there are the completely asinine regulations which are keeping businesses out of my town, when I need to buy something it's an extra 1/2 hour ride in the car. The politicians get their kickback, but I don't yield a return.

And then there's crap like hr347 which limits my ability to tell the above politicians how I feel - as a taxpayer and who pays their wage.

Throw in ndaa, so who knows in the future if I ever find myself lost somewhere at an inopportune time/place and get mistaken and then nobody knows where I'm at. Maybe they'll decide that I am a normal guy even though I supported Dr. Paul and let me go, only to find that so much time has gone by that I could be 2 or 3 years behind filing my tax return. Of course the onus will be on me so the govt. makes out even more because then I'd be slapped with fines, late payments and attorney fees.

Extremist? No. Mad? Who wouldn't be. And then it gets worse because all the dems AND repubs in this area watch crap tv and have no clue to what I'm even talking about!

Purist, hipster, those seem to be the en vogue labels that you and others cram down peoples throats. Gee, what a way to help perpetuate what is not true in support of the true extremists. I just want my country back like it was when I was growing up. A time when I asked cops for directions and they were happy to help, and when I could have a smoke in the smoking section of a restaraunt after a good meal, and when learning about the Constitution and government in general was a good thing and you earned a good grade. And when I could burn all of the branches and sticks that fell from the trees over winter instead of worrying when the police/fire dept. would arrive to see what I'm doing. Simple stuff is all that I want.

Now that the above gripe is over, you are mistaking Rand for Ron. Rand has NEVER woken anybody up. It's business as usual with him shy wanting to run for top dog. I was in this thing neck deep from here all the way to Tampa, so I don't need to be educated what this movement is or means. The people who WERE woken up was by Ron Paul and yours truly long before you arrived. Fact Jack.

Rand is a Republican. He is a very decent one, and a good man. But don't try to blow smoke up my hiny trying to convince me that he is 'Liberty' or the voice of it. My advice is to jump off of that over-used R wagon with a busted axle and get on one that will take you where you want to go. That is if you value having a good life of Freedom, save a few innocent lives here and over seas, and maybe want to start a thriving business someday. Rand may slow things down until the next president steps in, but he will NOT change the course of this dying nation. That, by the way, is another fact.

Quit trying to confuse the two. Ron is the father, Rand is the son. They don't jive politically anymore than me and my old man.

Peace and love to you J.D. In time I hope that you will come around. I will ALWAYS keep my door open for you, and others, less the feds.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul