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Michael, I sense you are

Michael, I sense you are upset by this move from Dr. Paul's camp. You are not alone in this.

Tons of us here have donated to Dr. Paul's presidential and congressional campaigns for years, some have even donated to his son's senatorial campaign, although I didn't and won't. We saw the sinecure jobs given to family members and we averted our eyes, because he was our guy. I for one have given my last cent to either C4L or the Paul family. I wholeheartedly support the libertarian cause, voted for Johnson this time, I'm with it the whole nine yards. I don't believe in gods or masters, so I won't appoint one through my financial support, and I won't have some folks being treated as a royal family just because other folks decide that one man has some good ideas. Had I known then what I know now, I'd be a couple thousand toward the plus-side of the balance sheet. I'm angry about that.

I doubt Dr. Paul actually instigated this action. I don't think he's quite that hip to the internet. This is some *deleted, overly angry* former marketing major working in image management or some other useless field. The worst part is that *deleted, overly angry*, or group of *deleted, overly angry*, is being paid money we donated during the campaign.

Not in my name.

Thank you.