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Comment: I have a prediction, unfortunately

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I have a prediction, unfortunately

There will be cops that shoot each other over this. The ones that die will be good ones. It will be an "accident". The investigations will be bogus. The MSM will show the fallen as heroes, pretending to care instead of asking question and then redirect the blame back to this guy. Whether he exists or not. This will make the LAPD look good while removing some of the principled cops that are being "sticks in the mud" over corruption. The "blue line" will get thicker. While the MSM is at it, they'll throw in some arguments for gun control-for citizens only cause that will make sense here. Then they'll let the backlash come, and in a few weeks they'll repeat the recipe. This Dorner guy will then do a well timed Binladen resurrection, just in time to be buried at sea when politically convenient. I don't know what's going on here but I feel like we're repeating history. Maybe if I say it, they won't do it.