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You're proving the point of the OP

How could teaching the Civil War be "completely false" if, even by your own post, you agree that Lincoln was the president and that he issued the Emancipation Proclamation? Two true fact that you've decided are at once "completely false" and yet stated as true.

That's the point of this post. This "completely" business and "all lies" business is on the face of it untrue. Speaking in such absolutes degrades the legitimate argument you make. You can argue that the motivations are simplified and that Lincoln's power to issue the Proclamation was of little consequence because the states with the majority of slaves had succeeded. You are incorrect in stating no slaves were freed. There were escaped slaves in the North, who were suddenly free from the legal return laws. There were slaves in the territories who were suddenly free.

Then you call all your fellow college history majors communists? Come on. Just because you had to be burdened with debating a professor doesn't make anyone a communist. It makes your college experience a good prep for the rest of your life. As it should be.