Comment: you cant be a libertarian

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you cant be a libertarian

after reading that - im sorry if im blunt i realize your last comments opened to an open mind so please listen- theres more than 1 ron paul in the united states. period. end of story. god didnt give ron paul the rights to the domains because its the same name. unless he was uniquely the only ron paul. and 2 the site doesnt claim to be ron paul. their CLEARLY either supporters or assholes for money - but welcome tot he free market - u cant defend libertarianism if you dont see selfish investments - which we all do - so supporter or not they have all the rights in the world to forever own that site. plus ron can make money off the site even at their cost so its a stupid action by him. ill support the fact he got me into alot of reading and books, but hes being a hypocrite. makes me question his whole campaign.