Comment: Pessimism at it's finest.

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Pessimism at it's finest.

Sure, complacency is rampant, but the weak sacks of crap that live on it also tend to fall to pieces when confronted by people with reason and conviction. The type of guys capable of making people "disappear" are few and far between. besides, they would be goons for mobster if not for government. They've always existed. There's a few at the top now, and it's a problem, but it's nothing new.
The real killers are the ones that turn a blind eye and perpetuate the system of fear and violence. They are weak, that's why they turn a blind eye, and they are certainly not worthy of fearing. If the judge is going to give a rats a$$, it will be when someone decides to stand on their feet. In my opinion, you're safer standing.