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Again all the nay Sayers from CO are missing the point here

If you run a grow op and you can sell your bud for 300 an ounce in state. Yes I am well aware you get a discount if you buy a QP or even a whole LB. But since ever one is throwing around the 300 an ounce number lets roll with that.

How much would it sell for in Missouri?
What about Montana?
Texas? Minnesota? Iowa? Wisconsin?

Is ANY BODY CATCHINg ON YET? Yea Yea Yea its the free market price you are seeing Colorado, But perhaps there Just Might be OTHER MARKET FORCES you are for some REASON COMPLETELY BLIND TO?

THINK for a minute. It doesn't have to be some giant a wrong study. Its the free market at work. People go to Colorado to run grow ops just to supply these other states. They can sell it in CO for 300 or run back home and sell it for 400...if its real good 450. All it takes is 150 bucks in gas money, but as long as you bring a good quantity it pays for itself.

It happens I know of a few that do it. It is the price mechanisms and laws of supply and demand at work. That's why you can't get dro for 100 an ounce. There is way more demand than you are seeing for it. Now if other states start opening up Your price will drop.

You really think this study he sites is flawed... I am not going to argue with you on that b/c I haven't seen the study. But I would think start up costs would be factored into any study. Why would you even bring up start up costs on this cash crop though? 30 G? would that not be paid after the first harvest? Given 300/oz and say 1.5oz/plant so 30grand/$300/oz= 100 oz that's only 67 plants. I am afraid that seems like a small grow op; not a commercial op. Runn the numbers again at $100/oz and that's 300 oz or 200 plants.

Then Again I am Not sure How many plants they can put into 50,000 square feet. Lets say each plant needs 4 foot by 4 foot and half the area is used for a nursery and staging. so 25g/16=1562.5 plants That's 146 pounds. In one harvest But as SIERRAHPBT says I have no clue what I am talking about. Maybe 16 square feet is way too little space for a weed plant. Maybe A plant only puts out a quarter ounce...I have NO IDEA WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!