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liked that last line.

What you said was accurate! Stay on the organic foods.
Know most on DP already know all this but if it saves one child's health, it's worth repeating for people passing through the DP; Try to spread the word whenever I can.
Cut to chase, keep it simple: Either meat or Vegan.....

Animals are shot up with and fed chemicals, antibiotics and hormones when on the hoof. It's in the meat, the milk and it's in the cheese. [eat organic]
HFCS ,or now at times called corn syrup, is tolerable without serious consequences in the body if consumed in very low amounts. That amount is exceeded in just one bottle of Pop/soda. Add to that the fact that it's now in EVERYTHING we eat. It disrupts the functions of your body in processing sugars causing Diabetes and makes people fat. [among other things] The # of people with type 2 diabetes has risen exponentially with the introduction of and incrementally increased use of, HFCS in foods. They know, but it makes a lot of money for big Pharmaceutical Corporations,. Saves money for those in food processing, and it increases your consumption of their product. They know this, they don't care. You are of no worth except your money. The government is not taking care of you.
The weight gain isn't just from this chemical, it's also from the fact it fools the body into thinking you really haven't eaten much of something sweet and want more. If you were to eat the sweetness in real sugar, your body would rebel, you'd get sick.
Vegetables are good for you iIF organic. Check EWG good and bad list]
As far as grains, they are all GMO now...enough said unless you still don't know, look it up..
All mentioned above predisposes you to cancer [among other things]
Fluoride in water isn't good, Hitler put it in the water in the camps to pacify the Jews. In reality, your body is being used as a dumping ground for hazardous waste from aluminum plants. Big aluminum Corps had to pay a lot of money to dump hazardous waste, now, we pay them with our tax money to put it in our drinking water. Being used as a human Berkey filter that not only saves them money but makes Pharma [their buddies] more money at the expense of our health. It's a poison in small doses. We pay them to do it and we vote that it continues to happen at every election when the choice so many worked so hard to have put on the ballot.... fails
Moral of story, eat organic! Natural food is good for you. [this doesn't mean if allergic to something, you should eat it of course]
Vegetables are good for you iIF organic. Check EWG good and bad list]
Whether a child will be healthy or sick depends on how intelligent and informed the mother is. A lazy mother who doesn't look it up is irresponsible and unknowingly are contributing to the shorter life and illness of their own children!
Clue: look past the articles written by Big Corps, Big Pharma or government. They are the ones knowingly doing this to you.
Use google to find foods without HFCS, write down the results, look for those products at the market, become a label reader.
Stay well.