Comment: The cities are for when the USA collapses--DUH!

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The cities are for when the USA collapses--DUH!

Then China will need to become the new USA and consumer/debt-based economy for globalism.

Meanwhile here in the USA there will be civil unrest and sectarianism (both real and government created). Drones will fly through the sky, TSA/Military everywhere. And the rich will do the same they did to Russia, China, South America, etc, and put us through a 'Cultural Revolution' where millions will be culled, exiled, and imprisoned.

Simultaneously as the older-gens have been wiped out or controlled, a new generation of 'anti-racist' children will come to age first as the 'American Spring/OWS' and later as the Hitler Youth to police and dominate the rest of society. America will be remade to primarily a 3rd world resource/agro exporter. Past history will be greatly warped with new movies, music, and education.

The question is not why or how, but when. The only hope is if.. if things can be pushed back some. But they will try again, and again. From their rich palaces and skyscrapers and beach houses. They'll never stop unless a new and much more determined elite arises to take their place and govern differently.

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