Comment: Teddy Roosevelt created the Progressive Movement/Party

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Teddy Roosevelt created the Progressive Movement/Party

He is a war manufacturing a-hole. The original RINO.

Democrats who call themselves 'progressives' are a mix of ignorant and stupid.

Except of course for elites like Hillary Clinton who talk about being a progressive like Margaret Sanger and killing them ugly, black babies. They're 'weeds' after all. No wonder they got Monsanto putting poison in the cheap food to kill and sterilize them.

The so called 'progressive' view point involves referencing movies, music, and cracking lewd jokes. In Roman times they would be the mob.

"Yeah look at that Senator Paul trying take our bread and gladiators--he hates the poor and wants to kill the Roman dream your dear Emperor Obama has bestowed. Doesn't he understand that taxes are only for the rich? Hail to Rome's glorious taxes! Only soldiers and slave owners should have sword and spear!"

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