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The only thing this story

The only thing this story tells you is that the police are such pussies, such anti-law abiding pieces of shit that they didn't even try to take him in peacefully. Nope they saw a truck they thought was his and started shooting it up. What does that tell you? We has a similar incident in my small home town back in the 90's. Some dude named David Sweringen (however you spell it) in Warsaw, Indiana killed a detective that he caught fucking his wife and was on the run for like a week. They caught him in his truck in the middle of town and just shot it up. At least 100 bullet holes in the truck if not more. No warning, no asking for surrender, just shot him to pieces. Front page of the paper in full color of him leaning out of the truck dripping blood all over the place. Tell me again why police should have weapons of war and we shouldn't?

So, they want to pretend it's ok that they saw a suspicious truck and just started shooting it up without warning or anything?

These are our police? These are the people that are supposed to find and ARREST criminals. If these guys that did that shooting do not get fired then there needs to be a massive protest and investigation. That's just not how things are supposed to be done. What's next? Sending drones to kill American citizens without charges or trial? Oh never mind. I thought this was a free state with laws. Excuse my ignorance. Carry on police state, carry on.

I'm not defending this POS whatsoever, I hope they find him and bring him to justice, he's just another leftist murderer like all the rest have been. But seriously? Is this how the LAPD is trained to act? And I can't believe they are getting away with it.