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Comment: A Few Good Songs

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A Few Good Songs

This song goes out to Michael with an ~ael because of a recent post of his asking what freedom veterans can teach freedom newbies.

This one, although about two potential lovers, pumps me up and I think could apply to the feeling freedom gives. This puppy just jazzes me to push, drive, truck on, roll on, strive, scrap, claw, plow, fight, battle and bounce up if knocked down to go, go, go on.

This '80s song is a happy song. I just like it. lol. Man, I love '80s music! What a decade. I, a boy then, remember it as if it was yesterday. What a fun era. Water parks, clean summer heat. The blue sky. The people, oh, the people regardless their ethnicities (that's right, don't fall for the fascists' induced racism schism), at least where I lived got a long. I miss those days. Time flies.

To boot, name the tune containing these lyrics before clicking the link to the song:

...the smoking caterpillar has given you the call....remember what the door bell saaaaaiiiiid: Feeed your heaaad, feeeed your heeeeeaaaaaaad.

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