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You pegged it... I absolutely loathed the falsehood he propagated concerning the flag, quoting a nationalistic pledge which didn't exist at the time nor did it precepts among the vast majority of patriots. The flag they held represented self determination, individual freedom, individual responsibility, and liberty and most of all a federal government that was VERY limited and constitutionally speaking, was quite divisible which, is what would keep the federal government from becoming too centralized and powerful. Unfortunately Lincoln fixed that by denying states their constitutional right of secession and killing nearly one million of his fellow Americans to make certain that the States would toe the line from that day forth.

He is still in the wrong frame of mind, suggesting nationalistic solutions rather than free market solutions which, when you look at his life seems to be a contradiction. As has been stated many times, government is not the solution, it's the problem.

What the founders set up was pretty good but as we now know, all forms of nationalistic federalism will eventually be corrupted. I firmly believe the Anarchist model based on volunteerism and non aggression is much to be preferred.