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"Let's have a REAL discussion and debate about what needs to happen to turn America around and get it heading in the RIGHT direction again."

One weapon of mass destruction is the lie that the Federal Government is a Federal Government. It is not, it is a Monopoly of Crime or if the word Crime is too ACCURATE for your tender ears then the Non-Federal Government is a Monopoly of Aggressive Force Enforced by CRIMINALS who may, or may not, "mean well", while their actions end up being destructive in any case RELATIVE to the revolutionary ideal of LIBERTY.

If a doctor of medicine, or a doctor of economics, or a doctor of military history, desires to shape a Family, or a City, or a County, or a State into the mold desired by that individual, then the level at which that doctor reaches a State is where that POWER stops being Monopolized upon the TARGETS of such MOLDING.

A Democratic Federated Republic is designed to work, and does work as proven when and where it did work, and does work, to market government to consumers of government, in a Free Market of government.

Liberty, a revolutionary ideal, is the free market ideal.

The free market ideal is the Liberty ideal; a revolutionary ideal.

If the question is anything other than a question asking for ways to effectively promote liberty, then the question is the same question asked by any of the criminals who contemplated crimes in all of human history IN FACT.

"Let's have a REAL discussion and debate about what needs to happen to turn America around and get it heading in the RIGHT direction again."

Right for one person, even one person in a family, is not necessarily right for another person in the same family, and when the use of deceit, threats, and violence to bend the will, to mold the will, and to force the will of one by another is in every case discovered factually: a case of crime, and proof proves each case.

The Golden Rule Ideal?

If one can justify "being right" by use of deceit, by use of threats, by use of violence, to bend the will of the other, even in a family, then the other, the target, the victim, can, by that same "ideal" employ the same deceit, the same threats, and the same use of violence to bend the will of the other?

That is not an ideal, that is crime. One has what they deem right destroyed by lies, by threats, or by violence.

Each case where one is removed from the competitive market of offering another right way to live, to act, to think, to be human, is destruction of that opportunity to appraise a new competitive offering and no longer, in each case, is it by that exact measure: a free market.

Slavery is not voluntary by definition.

A city designed to allow all competitors to exchange freely is designed by people who offer competitive methods by which competitive goals, and competitive ideals, can be reached, and when any one of those people resort to deceit, threats of violence, or violence as a means of bending the will of any other person offering competitive examples of ideas, actions, products, methods, ideals, ideas, thoughts, creative free market consumables, whatever OTHER THAN DECEIT, THREATS, and VIOLENCE, there is a crime in progress, in each case, proven again upon discovery of the facts.

Golden Rule Perverted

Family A exists and prospers without a high incidence of one family member inventing, producing, and maintaining volumes upon volumes of lies, threats, and new ways to violently destroy other people, as an example of a competitive family in a free market of families whereby FREE means precisely FREE from deceit, FREE from threats of violence, and FREE from violence upon the innocent, or FREE from CRIME.

Family B exists down the road, separate from Family A, and One person produces volumes upon volumes of lies, in books, and rules, and edicts, and such lies change daily, new lies replacing old lies, and threats produced daily, new threats replacing old threats, old threats replacing new threats, and violence is constant, as new methods of making family members suffer are invented each minute, and old methods of making family members suffer are replacing the new ones every other minute, and each family member learns the routine, and among all those lies, and all that threatening, and within all that violence are methods of producing enough of the things required to survive such as food, shelter, and clothing, if that is the desire of the one most powerful family member enforcing the rule of might making right.

A new person fresh from a new family of nurturing where the new person is now independent and eager to begin making independent decisions and this new person finds himself, or herself, half way between Family A and Family B.

The new person is you.

Do you know Family A?

Do you know Family B?

If you go to Family A are you going to lie to them, threaten them, and violently mold them into your way of doing things?

If you go to Family B are you going to lie to them, threaten them, and violently mold them into your way of doing things?

If The Counter Revolutionary Forces are the DEFAULT setting in your brain, then God help us, you won't.