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Comment: When I lived in Baltimore

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When I lived in Baltimore

When I lived in Baltimore ('95-'04) Ben Carson spoke at an event we had at church to raise money for our young mother home.

He has lead an extraordinary life as a specialist in performing the most challenging neuro-surgery. He has gone around the world to perform surgery.

He has been retired from surgery for close to 10 years. He started to develop hand tremors.

Some surgeries took 16 to over 20 hours and he always insisted on having praise and worship music playing in the operating rooms where he worked.

Ben had a hard childhood growing up poor with a single Mom.

Ben is what Jesus has in mind for those who call themselves Christians.

He's lived a miraculous life, doing exploits that gave evdence to the presence of a supernatural Father who desires to work through us if only we would trust and believe Him.

Ben's whole life is a miracle -- right up to this week being given the opportunity to "bring it" to Barak Obama.

He's fearless and a true gentleman.

He'd make a great president.

He get's it ALL.