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Comment: Well, it depends on the case

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Well, it depends on the case

Well, it depends on the case and the justices. Sometimes I'm really glad they are there and other times I am not. If you read a lot of their decisions you'd probably realize like me that most of the time it is the liberal judges who are defending the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments.... except for Scalia, who is generally our savior in these circumstances. But when it comes to free markets it is the conservative judges who are on our side.... and in a big way. There is no wavering there.... except for the chief justice of course. Whose side is he on again?

Anyway, if you read enough cases and look at the votes and look at what they are talking about you will find that both the liberals and the conservatives are on our side when it comes to certain issues. I hope some day we get some libertarians on there and we fix this country for good.

All in all I think the supreme court is a good thing. The problem is they have no real power when it comes down to it. Of course they interpret the laws and the constitution but if the federal government decides not to listen to them then what can be done? Of course the courts will listen to the supreme court's decisions when someone is confined etc. etc. but really. If the supreme court says that the president can't do something and he does it anyway is there anyone to stop him? The only thing there to stop him is congress. Of course that power falls on us to elect our representatives but once the president does something, like assassinate an American citizen the deed is already done.

In the end, the courts only help us as individuals and they can only proclaim something is unconstitutional. If the rest of the government chooses to ignore that then there is not much to be done. Of course, congress will change laws to fit the decisions of the court, but in the end, congress and the president will do what they want and the court can't do dick about it. All they can really do is free people that have been wrongly charged or convicted. If those people are dead then it's obviously too late.

Now, congress SHOULD impeach a president that goes against a ruling of the Court but will they do that? Who knows? That's where we come in. We have to make sure those reps that fail to react are not reelected. These days it is hard to do because of the money and power that those people have. I don't think term limits will do the trick. The money will just go to some other tool who will work for the Oligarchy. We have to find someway to get the money out of politics and now that is going to be even harder than ever.

What does that mean? That means we need to get more liberty mined people in office. That means we need a liberty mined president. Our next president will likely be able to elect 2 Justices. Unless Ginsberg leaves this term. In any case, Kennedy might croak... he's not looking too good. Ginsberg we know is out pretty soon if she doesn't croak first. I'd just as soon keep Scalia there until he's 100. And the rest of them aren't too bad off. I wouldn't mind losing Thomas for a more libertarian person. All the others of course, are very young and liberal (for the liberals I mean). I have to say though, as far as the bill of rights goes, I do like Soto-mayer. She has written some pretty good opinions on the 4th amendment. She's obviously not what would want in a justice but so far her opinions on the bills of rights I have liked. We'll see what she says about the 2nd amendment.

What we really need is someone soon who will appoint some good federal judges. Some libertarian judges. Judges who believe in free markets and judges who believe in the bill of rights. Right now we have a mix mash of both.

The only conservative judge I respect right now as far as the bill of rights goes is Scalia and not even him all of the time. But he is by far the best judge we have when it comes to our individual rights, as far as conservatives go.