Comment: what's the real point?

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what's the real point?

This article seems to miss the point. No money should be spent by the gub'ment on any business for any reason, much less money raised from the so called "income tax" for private corporate bailouts. Such "taxes" and "tax loop holes" are an inherent part of a currupt, self serving, self perpetuating imperial governmental system. Punishinshing some of the recipients of such largess, but not the cause merely encourages the currupt system to change and adapt to accomodate the altered circumstances.

Now, to out all the players, both enablers and beneficiaries, which includes Bernie Sanders and the rest of congress, as well as their corporate partners, who together have crafted this system and culture of thef, graft, and general curruption, would do a real service. Anything less merely erects strawmen and only distracts from the real problem.

Erecting strawmen seems to be the real point of this article.

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