Comment: For the detractors and perfectionists on here

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For the detractors and perfectionists on here

Copied from my comment on my other Ben Carson thread.

So you don't want to see where this guy might get us - you only want to pick faults and nitpick?

You don't want to go along with and encourage a guy who might get you to 70 or 80% now of where you might want to be?

You don't want to engage with a guy who seems to be open to ideas, is modest, seems to be peaceable and looks like he would debate, discuss, and be open to other ideas or extensions, or modifying his thoughts to get you closer to where you want to be?

You don't want to give the guy some room - a guy that stood 6 feet away from Obama on LIVE TV and told him in no uncertain terms that Obama was wrecking the country and was totally wrong headed.
This guy has got GUTS - like Ron Paul.
This guy has got PRINCIPLES and he is not afraid to speak his mind - like Ron Paul.

I got news for YOU.
Ron Paul lost - he didn't even get close.

Rand Paul is moving in with the neocons.

Nobody had a debate during the 2012 campaign - Ron Paul got shut out by the media and was NOT a good communicator to ordinary voters.

Ron Paul has got baggage - he has been slagged off by the media for 30 years because he was the only politician the media is afraid of - both left and right.

I got news for YOU - 98%+ of those who voted in November - voted for Goldman Sachs.

I got news for YOU - whatever small victories we might get in taking some positions in local parties, some push back on outrageous anti-constitutional laws and policies etc. we are LOSING BIG TIME and time is rapidly running out.

I am suggesting we run with this guy - see what he is REALLY like.
I don't know either yet.
But he sure does look promising and NO ONE ELSE does.
I am saying engage with this guy and encourage him - give him some of our other ideas.

I want our principles, our policies, our views to be aired to 300 million Americans - it hasn't happened - not even close.

I want our policies, our principles, our views to be hotly and honestly debated amongst tens of millions of Americans interested in politics.
It hasn't happened - not even close.

This guy just might be the one that might be able to do it.
This guy might get on National TV, regularly, and speak to tens of millions.

This guy does not come with baggage - he has not been slagged off for 30 years by the media.

This guy does not look like he can be easily bought, we will see.

This guy is smart, but even more important than that - this guy KNOWS HOW TO SPEAK TO THE PEOPLE.

Sure this guy is not as well informed as Ron Paul.
You might not like everything he currently says.
That can be changed with debate and discussion.
I bet this guy has not had a weekend session with Ron Paul or Judge Nap or Jim Grant. All 3 at once might be best :)
He has already come a long way on his own - we can help him learn more and go further.
Don't pass him up because he has not yet learnt enough - that can be remedied IF he is willing to learn more - it would seem that he probably is.
Let's see.

It is our best chance by FAR that I can see of getting OUR message out there.
Once the electorate REALLY hear our message the great majority will be convinced of it.

We need someone who can appeal to over 200 million Americans across the political spectrum.
Ben Carson - might just be that person and he has already demonstrated he can learn and improve - his heart seems to be in the right place.

So let's encourage him and see how far he might get us.
I have an open mind about this - why don't you have an open mind too?
And where he falls short - try and persuade him otherwise - politely, courteously, calmly and with logic and common sense - like Ron Paul has always tried to do.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."