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Comment: I don't drink

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I don't drink

and drive, so this would not affect me...but that is not the point!! The point is I don't like needles; the point is I don't trust these control freaks and who is to say there's not a chip in said needle?!

I don't fly because I will not tolerate the 'grabfest' nor the 'cancer-causing radiation'; therefore, I'm certainly not going to put up with this type of intrusion just because I'm trying to travel from one destination to another, WHICH IS MY RIGHT!!

Long story short, I will give them warning that if they take my blood, I will be suing...and I will sue!

Cripes, I have to emotionally prepare myself just to get bloodwork twice a year--that is how much I hate needles!! I am so sick and tired of these idiots that cannot mind their own business! It's like each day they wrack their brains trying to think of new ways to impose their will upon others. Are their lives that empty?? How about they live their life and let the rest of us live ours!!

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