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There's a new messanger in town

His name is Dr. Benjamin Carson and he represents the new hope in the Liberty movement.

Ron Paul is yesterday's loser, and there's huge fears his whole game was to pump up the GOP to set the stage for Rand Paul, who is beyond the political understanding of many in the Liberty Movement, who need a messanger they can reflect on in the name of political leader, rather than an actual leader, because politics has it's own set of principles people confuse with moral and ethical principles.

So, right now, the issue is upsetting many in the Liberty Movement who find Ron Paul just anther hypocrite, and what he says will no longer be accepted, but rather judged with an eye on "who us he trying to kid now?"

You would do much better posting the week of Dr. Benjamin Carson and let Ron Paul work out his issues in the UN, to the discust of many.