Comment: what is the just role of government in libertarianism?

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what is the just role of government in libertarianism?

it's the third-party arbitrator in defense of contracts, both written and unwritten (natural rights). in this case, we have two examples where the Ron Paul to which the site's name refers is within his rights to make this complaint.

Firstly, the way in which "" is used clearly brings many people to the site thinking they will see an official website of former presidential candidate Ronald Ernest Paul. note that the front page doesn't mention that it's independent until the fine print at the bottom. above which, you have what looks very official. this could be considered fraud. I don't think it is, but it would be well within libertarianism to bring a complaint of this type to the third-party arbiter for a decision.

Secondly, anyone who pays for domain name registration service enters into a written contract, part of which includes agreeing to the rules of ICANN. pursuing a legal remedy to a conflict, as outlined in the contracts, is absolutely libertarian.

it's what makes me a libertarian and not an anarchist.

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