Comment: How is this not perfectly rational?

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How is this not perfectly rational?

the difference between anarchy and liberty is government. the just role of government is being the third-party arbiter in contract disputes, both written and unwritten (i.e., natural law, bill of rights).

if Ron Paul thinks that the site "" is using his name and likeness to trick people into thinking it's an official website, even if subtly so, he is within his rights to contest the domain name. misuse of someone's name is fraud. in this case, it's definitely debatable, which is -precisely- why two parties would go to a third party for arbitration.

also, the owner of entered into a contract with a domain name registration service, one which particularly requires compliance with ICANN rules and which outlines the course of conflict resolution. again, in the case where two parties are not in agreement and there is a written set of rules, third party arbitration is key.

why are so many people here saying that "Ron Paul is using Force of Law" or some such?

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.