Comment: "Bringing" people into the movement...

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"Bringing" people into the movement...

I've been doing stuff since 1971, when I wrote a letter to the editor that was spotted by a group of libertarians forming a new party. What fools, I thought. But the thrill of finding and conversing with people who were actually as smart as I thought I was, and some even sharper, was a tonic that instantly addicts.

Long story short, "we" geezertarians are looking for a web commerce partner. We have the outlook and content, need Houston-area hourly web work plus a partnership offer. Looking for that Rothbardian-radical who understands what it will take to bring in those intelligent progressives on the verge of intellectual breakthrough. Some of my best friends are progs who own guns, so we are halfway there already.

You build it, tweak it, and some will come, and others laugh. The more humor is built in, the better. Imagine a website that takes a page (perhaps literally) from DP, LRC, ActivistPost, ZeroHedge, TrendSources, RT (a phenomenon worth examining itself),, etc etc etc. Reply to

"To the morally inverted, war appears as a quick, clear path to the top." -- Preston Parker