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I dare you to follow up on this.

I dare you to follow up on this story. That's right, I dare you. Place a call to a media contact, the marketing and sales department or someone in upper management at Evergreen Aviation and ask them a detailed series of questions seeking answers to the environmental effects of their weather modification services. Explain your concerns as a citizen without lying about your purpose for calling and attempt to ask your questions in a way that is not accusatory or make you come off as a complete lunatic.

Should you fail to follow up, I take it you are not now and never have been serious about seeking answers, but you prefer to wallow in ignorance and enjoy paranoia and conspiracy tales as a means of keeping your overactive mind busy.

Post your questions and the answers to those questions here so everyone can see. Post the name(s) of your contact(s), the time(s) you called and the length of your discussion(s). No one is hiding anything and no one should be hiding anything.

Time to put up or shut up, HG. Make a minimal effort and prove you are not simply a clucking, cowering and uninformed critic.