Comment: go213mph---what I meant about the DOG!

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go213mph---what I meant about the DOG!

I meant that if somebody committed suicide, he/she would NEVER have killed their pet. I know this from the experience of a friend who works for a police department. He said he's never seen this happen ever. A person commits suicide, or homicide/suicide, and the pets are never killed.

Sorry for the mix-up. The dog obviously was barking, whether the killer arrived before OR after the family came home. Finding out the TIME OF DEATH would tell us something about that. If they died in the middle of the night, then the intruder broke and entered, and all were murdered at that time, but my guess is that he entered the facility under the guise of being an electrician, or something like that. It was a GATED COMMUNITY.

The killer had to have used a gun-silencer, too.

What a tragedy.

And, are we all here at risk, too, when the drones come? We need to fight the drone invasion from state to state. We must, or move to a state where they aren't allowed. These are dangerous, and anybody who is killed by them will obviously be accused of having been a terrorist whatever----ALL LIES.

I just don't know if we can fight this, folks. We worry about our country, and we pray for her...