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I should offer some

I should offer some criticisms and commands and/or just suggestions:

A Libertarian School is one thing, but you have to teach them an infinite more than just libertarianism philosophy. You have to have another philosophy on top of that. and i don't want to delve into that.

I would say, find the Amish who are creating running water systems with their tools. Apparently they are in Paraguay. I remember Alex Jones saying the U.N. was destroying the systems the Amish constructed, because they don't want the natives having running water.

And also, many of those parents are gifted. If the work environment permits it, the children should stand in a corner and observe their parents while they are at work.

The Roman fathers taught their sons this, in the early days of the Republic.

They should know how to fix car engines and weld at an early age. They need to work with their hands. Book work and rote learning are great and all, but it stifles a child's grasp of reality.

They should know calculus at an early age. If you look at the facets of calculus, especially the derivative, in some equations, a child could grasp such a thing. A child could grasp calculus at a different level, if taught simultaneously with basic mathematics and algebra.

And in conclusion, if you want, i will look for more spanish books.

I remember Jose Ortega y Gasset in a slightly positive light. you could find spanish books by him. he was spanish.

Pedro Schwartz, that austrian economist who debated Krugman, he is spanish.