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If a question is asked, then an answer can be offered.

You still don't tell me how to divide three apples so as to feed 5 people.

Now I have won the argument?

What is the point of your running me around some ring as if I am your target and unless I submit to defeat the game is not won?

Note the question mark.

"You still offer no practical suggestions as how to make the general public better informed."

If you were to ask someone, anyone, a question, such as a question asking for practical suggestions as to how to make the general public better informed, then someone could offer a competitive answer to that question.

If I were asked that question I would reject it as being of no productive value whatsoever, other than for the opportunity to point out the wrong of it.

If the goal is to "make" other people "better informed" then I can offer to you a suggestion that you ought to be better informed yourself. In order to reach the goal of Liberty you can't go the opposite direction.

You can "expect" to get to Liberty by making other people bend to your will, but evidence I've seen proves that every effort to arrive at the goal, by that method, moves further away from the goal, not closer to it.

"I believe that it will only be by better informing the general public that change for the better will come."

So "better informing the general public" is equal to making them do something?

"We can agree or agree to disagree on that."

If we do it won't be due to you making me agree.

"But 50 people stuck in a room discussing high brow principles will not change anything."

Resort to derogatory labeling, targeting me I suppose, indirectly, or directly I can't yet tell, but I can ask, is non "high brow principles"?

"Getting 50 million people to stop and think - just might."

My thinking, as one of so many, is that many people are thinking, and many people are thinking that one can make the other bend to their will by resort to insults.

It may be a good idea for at least one person to think otherwise.