Comment: Too bad.

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Too bad.

I think a group of 6-8 pro gun rights participants could have easily prevented these cops from making an arrest. And peacefully, too. I mean, if they surround their protesting colleague and walk him back into the crowd, what are Ocifers Tweedle Dumb and Dumber gonna do? Pull out their pistols on the crowd?

What a sad, utterly wasted opportunity.

Although I think citizens' arrests of the offending law enforcement officers would have made a bolder statement.... and much better television! (Zip ties work on the police, too, you know, if citizen-issued citations don't get the point across.)

If we don't act--especially in those rare occasions when we have numbers on our side--then what is the point? We can stand around holding signs, bitching and chanting, but it is useless and is truly a waste of time.

One armed person, as portrayed by today's media, will always be considered a "crazy", but what about a large portion of a community?

Bolder actions are required.

What would the Founders do?