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Schools and media ...

... is where people learn to trust Big Media (and Big Government).

I think the universities could be turned around if a liberty organization could form clubs on campuses, similar to Young Republicans or the Sierra Club.

But such clubs would need financial backing, the same way the other organizations do. It's not enough to have a few die hard liberty lovers trying to get their message out.

Political and non-profit organizations (the big ones) get government grants and political gifts. The people leading those organizations make a good living at it, and they have the funds to promote their ideas. It's a vicious circle where they promote government and then get funded by government and supporters, which allows them to continue promoting government. Liberty organizations do not have that built-in financial advantage.

Big Media is believed because most people don't have a strong reason to not believe it, and they do have a strong psychological reason to believe: it reinforces ideas they have already accepted as true (usually, without any critical thinking process on their part). And since it is the only information most people get, they are never confronted with their own beliefs.

I think the internet is the only way to get around it. Creating a website that is neutral and objective -- in the way Ben Swann reports -- and then getting that message out to the masses is the way to break down the average person's misplaced trust of Big Media. That also can help support a similar organization on campuses.

Then, pointing out the lies of such organizations as CNN and boycotting their advertisers might possibly start tilting the narrative towards truth. Even Big Media might have to at least pretend to change, which would also have to be monitored and shown to be false where appropriate.

It's a big operation, ultimately, and has to be built in such a way that it would be self-sustaining financially. That's the big advantage Big Media and NGO's have: they are self-sustaining financially, even though they promote propaganda rather than truth.