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Comment: Always good to keep in mind ...

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Always good to keep in mind ...

... that people come at their views and engage in debates from different perspectives and agendas.

Some people don't have a strong view, but they repeat what they've heard that makes sense to them. Such people can be persuaded with respectful debate.

Other people have strong views, but have never really been challenged to question their views because everyone they know agrees with them. Such people are tougher to convince of new ideas, but they are the ones who are most honest and they are great to turn around (many people here on DP probably fall into this category). Respect, again, is important.

And then there are the ones who are fundamentally dishonest people. They have strong views and they refuse to engage in honest debate and they resort to various logical fallacies rather than question their (or others') views. Once these people are identified for what they are, they do not deserve respect. Most people are not in this category, but many people on internet message forums are.

Just another angle to keep in mind.