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I couldn't wait to get back home from church to see what you had to say about my answer. I have to cook dinner now. I will think about it. But Joe, you must know, from the Christian perspective God owns everything. God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit made all that we are and all that we see. So in a Christian's political economy when the collective offering plate is passed. God is letting me keep 90% of what I have because it all belongs to Him and I am but giving Him back 10% as an acknowledgement of Thanks and Worship for all He has given me.

That is political economy for me. When someone asks me for something I am to give them more than they asked for. That is political economy. I am not giving what is mine. I am sharing what is God's and that which he has given me stewarship over. We are but stewards. The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. He has granted us stewardship.

Now, I have given you the answer from my understanding and if you would like to give me an answer from your understanding of voluntary socialism I have time. That is why I said perhaps I should read Andrews so that I will understand. But you can tell me. I will listen, and if I disagree or don't understand, I will tell you.

Right now the criminals think they own the air as in they think they are to profit off the air as in carbon tax.

Now, I have one of God's cows in the crockpot in the form of brisket and I need to go fix it :)

Psalm 50:10
For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.