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The reason for the

The reason for the government's corruption now is the fact that they are beholden to the banking powers and not the people. They cheat now so to cheat for their masters.

And another reason not to trust gold is the same people who control the money now have all the gold.

And yes gold is finite, which brings it its value, but as an economy grows, that finite amount of gold experiences deflation. As this deflation increases, there is less and less money relative to wealth to flow around the market, thus hindering further economic expansion and prosperity. Could you really have a functioning economy where every dollar is backed and redeemable by x amount of gold? Seems a lot to ask when the gold's world supply could fit inside an Olympic size swimming pool.

Additionally, if the economy does falter or collapse, that gold you've been storing is going to be worth a lot theoretically, but if it comes to that, people are going to be interested in things of practical value like food etc. I know the dollar has lost a lot of value over the years, but I can still buy a purchase plenty of useful products for the $1700 that an ounce of gold is worth.In a tanked economy, how much food are you really going to be able to barter for with an ounce of gold?