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Comment: Please explain what you would do

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Please explain what you would do

While I agree with the comments above regarding "claiming sovereignty" for the most part - the one thing that is missing is you do not sign over your rights in a commercial contract. You can only temporarily waive certain rights.

First off I wanna say this is just another "bluff" to get people to think they have to obey these rules.

(1) What would YOU do if you drove into a checkpoint where they asked you if you were drinking?

If you search youtube you can find a great vid where a guy is being asked questions at a DUI stop and the guy is just asking questions back - what is your badge number etc... eventually he was told he was "free to go" when the cops realized they were not going to get his consent to contract.

Next you can also hand over a card asserting your rights. Got that idea from another youtube. The MAIN thing you need to remember is it's about a CONTRACT BECAUSE it's about COMMERCE. If it's not commerce he's got no business pulling you over.

(2) What if they asked you to step out of the car?

After dealing with me for a few minutes I can't imagine this would happen. However the specific answer to your question is "No thank you I'm quite comfortable here."

The fact is if the man knew he had authority to give orders he would just bark them out. We need to start calling their bluff and quite simply just be asking "what document can you provide to me which says I have to do anything you say?"

At that point when they refuse to obey their oath of office a friend and I were joking (quite seriously however) about it being just a "court of thuggery." - If you're gonna get a beat down sometimes that's just what has to happen. It's the price of freedom.

If for some reason they've presented me with a document they claim proves their delegated authority to assault me without due process or a warrant... then I'm just basically bummin... right?

(6) Assuming you refused, what would you do if they arrested you and took you to jail?

Good assumption. I would keep my mouth shut... grab a public defender ONLY for the purposes of getting me the legal texts that I would need - a pen... and a legal pad.

(7) How would you handle the court case?

I really wish I could give you a cookie cutter for this. For now... while the criminals still act out in a criminal fashion on a daily basis - it's all going to depend on the circumstances. There are some basic things you need to be aware of and pretty knowledgeable about however to have the correct background information to stand on your own two feet:

1) A good understanding of TRUST law.
2) A good understanding of contract basics.
3) Latest "talent" in the court game I've been listening to is Karl Lenz -

Check out #199 on that talkshoe - the common law info will blow your mind.