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Comment: im not gonna dumb this down for you

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im not gonna dumb this down for you

put in equal time and come up with a research that supports your claims, im not gonna sit here and answer a million postulations. what that poster said makes sense to me.

the thing has "UN" title, but a US court can overturn it. now is that entity funded by UN? does it have further jurisdiction to overwrite an US overturn? i don't know. if you want to prove ron paul is nwo or whatever, why don't you do this bit of minimum research at least? burden of proof is on the accuser.

i tire of you paranoids that explode what must amount to more than a dozen of conspiracy bombs about ron paul now all turning out to be duds, just like his mason claim or what the fuck ever.. and you are all lazy too, just like you upon hearing this, it's not research or anything, the first thing you do is waste another posting space on dp and not contribute anything of depth to the topic, and you want me to dumb this down to a quick narrative. how effing ridiculous, this is the quality of grassroots we have, and you wonder why we get nowhere. but guess what, ron paul still gets the blame for all of your incompetence regardless, lol.